It is now here... everywhere! An entire EP from one of the most talented artists out titled 'Hellfire'. That artist? Its Sorry X. Instead of one amazing song, we are treated to 6 with only 1 being previously released. The first sight of the EP coverart is simply captivating. This is a special occasion so we wanted to do a full song by song review. Before you get to that stream the project, which is available on all platforms, directly below via soundcloud. Also dont forget to follow Sorry X on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE.

Track 1

Hellfire ft. SpaceMan Zack (prod. yunny goldz)

The tempo of this song is the perfect way to start of an EP. It doesnt give away too much, but is still a very solid song in its own right. You get introduced to the deeper, rock inspired sound that is Sorry X. The song gives you plenty of the melodic sequences that make every Sorry X song catchy. This is the song the EP is titled after, and the chorus is simply beautiful. If you know Sorry X to any extent, you know the words behind the chorus mean a lot to her. The feature from SpaceMan Zack is a seamless transition. You could easily think they make up a group if you didnt follow the artists. There are also some really nice harmonies by Sorry X during the guest appearance which makes the transition back into the chorus very clean. Great song and lives up to being the title track!

Track 2

Black Polish (prod. Saba Lagrange)

This song starts off like a slower ballad type song, and then it drops. This brings to life a fast rapping Sorry X we have not ever heard before. The way she brings it back to melodic is very clean and crisp and makes this song get stuck in your brain immediately. Again, the chorus is flawless by Sorry X. The beat by Saba Lagrange is simply amazing, and Sorry X uses it to compliment herself and the arrangement. A nice high pass bridge acts as a solo for the beat to shine through even more. A new harder hitting Sorry X like the one track off this EP we had all been given ahead of time. Very great artist/producer duo here.

Track 3

Reflection ft. Saphir (prod. Jody & IOF)

The ambient vibe of this song carries strong. The beat has some great builds and a really nice electric guitar melody to it. The drops in this song are heavy and paired with high note melodic singing by Sorry X. Saphir, another very talented female artist, makes this song really stand out. She brings a melodic approach that is her own and it allows the song to never feel flat. 3 for 3 so far. Outstanding EP.

Track 4

Armor (prod. yunny goldz)

Technically we did get this song earlier than 11/20, but it is still a very new song compared to the single 'Brain Freeze' which is Track 5 of 'Hellfire'. Armor is a very Amy Lee like song. Melodic sequences over a very crisp and edgy guitar melody blends perfectly. The chorus is yet again, perfect. The bridges and builds are done like a true professional and we expect no less from Sorry X. This song is a hard hitter and a nice brief stop to setup a song that is such a unique vibe like 'Brain Freeze' is.

Track 5

Brain Freeze ft. Sewerperson (prod.Fantom)

We did a solo review of this epic song not to long ago. You can find that review in our blog section. Lets do a quick recap though. The song offers every aspect and element we have heard from Sorry X... all wrapped into a classic song. Crazy how deep a song can be when it plays off of the slushie treat we all love from the convenient store... an Icee. The feature by Sewerperson is a big move in the effort they put out together and in terms of the pull from having a fairly large name make a guest appearance. This song is close to 20k on Soundcloud and for very good reason. Great to see this song make the EP.

Track 6

Gave You My World (prod. Noria)

The big ballad comes at Track 6 and is a terrific way to end this EP. It is in a lot of ways a polar opposite of Hellfire while still having similarities in sound at certain parts. It seems that the track order was thought out very carefully. The beat by Noria is soft and the guitar melodies are beautiful. The beat has a good chance to showcase itself at the end of this short and sweet outro. This is definitely the most ambient song off the EP and concludes 'Hellfire' in a stellar way.