Heat Check

D Cravo has arrived. We have featured him plenty on our platform of course, but his newest single has us thinking anything we thought was incorrect. The newest drop is titled 'No More' and once again sees Cravo pair with his go to producer for an epic song. It is a reality check as to where D Cravo stands in the music scene and as far as his talent cap. With this drop, paired with a music video, his stocks are quickly exploding. The attention and good feedback are greatly deserved as the visuals and song are both the best works to date from D Cravo and his team hands down. Somewhere during this odd time our world faces, D Cravo made all the pieces to the puzzle fall into place. This one is something we will have in our rotation for quite some time to come. We suggest you do the same. The song as of midnight is now available on all major platforms. You can view the official music video, which Cravo dropped a few hours prior to the song's release in a clever marketing technique, directly below. Follow D Cravo on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE. This CEO just opened some eyes in a big way!

The video was shot by ROB SKATEZ VISUALS.

If you prefer to listen to the song on a streaming platform click HERE.. You can also find plenty more of this creative's content via his new crisp website powered by United Masters. This amazing drop is just the beginning of his next EP which he is planning to title 'Man in the MIrror'.