Hard Work Pays Off

Some artists keep grinding. It doesnt matter how many small days they spend making the small strides. After awhile, you can look back at all those small strides and realize the miles they put behind you. Cole Niese is one of those artists and his latest single 'Anymore' is a clear reflection.

With his own style, he delivers a gripping and raw song that can relate to any person who has lived any life event. He does all this while keeping true to himself. Most would hear this beat and this vibe and instantly want to sound like X or Lil Peep. Instead, Cole Niese sets himself apart with his own vibe directed in an angle becoming more present in hip-hop. There is becoming a night and day situation in content. Some rappers give you nothing but praise over drugs, parties, and the lavish life, and then some artists are shining the light on the pain that we all deal with behind the curtains. Its refreshing to see which team Cole Niese is playing for.

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