Ground Work

SupportArt CEO, B-L1FE, is an artist that you can always expect content from and 2020 has been no different. With two singles and one feature released, it is only the beginning of what B-L1FE considers a defining year for his team and himself. The two singles this year have gained a lot of attention and have put up some hefty stream numbers. He started the year with the single 'Never' that was produced by Barba Beats. That song has already surpassed 17,000 streams on Spotify. To follow that up, he then released the single 'Welcome to Hell' alongside Angry Orphan which is closing in on 10,000 Spotify streams.

B-L1FE always preaches about how in all reality those numbers dont mean much and are not good enough by his standards. However, it is a huge increase in his fan base that saw a literal 999% climb in all Spotify for Artists category from 2018 to 2019. On the 21st, B-L1FE will drop another single produced by SupportArt Head Engineer and CEO of VPRGNG, Penny the Shabba which brings more of the energy fans got with 'Never'. The song is titled 'REGURGITATE' and is available for pre-order on Apple Music beginning February 18th. B-L1FE has also hinted at singles coming with artists like DOUBLE A BATTERIES, Snaked, Otaku 920, and much more!

That in itself should entice listeners, but it is only the surface of what this year has planned for this rising creative. The whole focus of this year is his third official album. He just announced the single for it will arrive on May 1st (pre-order available as of March 11th) that will be titled 'Bob Ross' and is produced by one of our favorite underground producers ensomber. There have been a few mentions of the third album which will be titled 'Friends with Judas' and will have guest appearances by artists like Gue$$, Mark Battles, Burnout Macgyver, Fat Daddy J, Penny the Shabba, NOTfree, Itachi West, and more. The balance of the album in terms of solo tracks to tracks with features is almost 50/50. The singles B-L1FE is currently dropping is just to feed the constant need for content that our social media driven world has established. Along with the album and its single, B-L1FE will be present for all media engagements at the L.O.U.D. Fest in June in Houston, TX. He also has plenty of features set to be released like 'Feeling Perky' by Kaster which dropped 2/13 and also had a feature verse from fellow SA alum Zettabyte. Also, visuals can be expected as we still await the official music video for his song 'Tears' and we can only imagine what the official video for 'Bob Ross' will be like. Pending all submission reviews, you may even catch B-L1FE on one of three stages at the festival in Houston this summer. The festival is June 13th and 14th. Simply follow LOUDMuzik on Twitter for more details.

Below you can stream the first two singles by B-L1FE this year and also follow him on social media to keep better tabs on this true renegade man. Simply click HERE for Twitter or HERE for Instagram. If you want the full scoop you can find all things B-L1FE via this LINKTREE.