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We offer our support and professional feedback to all artists. If you want a review that says more than fire and trash, then we are the people you come to. Today we have a review on the artist Tony Grands, and his new full length project. Listen to the 'Headshot - EP' below and then read our page by page review.

TRACK 1 - 'Intro'

The first vibe we get is the Rocky movies. Then you get literally punchline after punchline. This is exactly how to kick off an EP. Tony Grands spares no rapper with the insane bars he cleverly weaves in and out of the brass filled beat. We dont want to give you the punchlines because YOU should go listen, but it is apparent that this artist is against a lot of what the underground and the industry in general are about these days. Throwing shade and simply pointing out facts are two completely different things. One thing is for sure: Tony Grands hates the clout chasers.

TRACK 2 - 'TurnItUp'

This track gives you a west coast vibe when it comes to the instrumental. Again, Tony Grands hits listeners with excellent wordplay, even at times using syllable switch ups. The hook is simple but effective. This is a roll one up song. The verses showcase his lyricism and how versatile is. You have none of the Rocky sounds from the intro so if you simply like good music, this song should relate to you. All we can say is TURNITUP!

TRACK 3 - 'Drama At Home'

Every track to this point has been deep. The beginning of the beat and the song title would suggest this is the deepest song on the EP. When actually this is the wavy song on the project. The hook is catchy and draws the listener in. The verses are nothing other than pure truth. The pitch correction on the hook lacks at times, but the verses and lyrics along with the deep gritty voice of Tony Grands more than make up for it. Essence of track 3: leave the stress and the drama at home.

TRACK 4 - 'Everything You Say'

A little brass in the beat to this track. A full war path when it comes to subject matter. This is our favorite song off the EP. Any artist who is really grinding and making moves will feel this to their core. The spotlight is put on all the snakes and thiefs in the game by Tony Grands, and the spotlight is unforgiving. There is not a single flaw to this track. The dub takes and fillers are perfectly mixed and executed. Its rare to find artists who use dub takes to actually give a fuller sound to a piece of a bar like they are meant to do. Pitch correction is used again, and this time it is used to perfection. The singing lines and segments almost remind you of some of the songs from 'The Eminem Show'. If you dont like snakes, this is your new anthem.

TRACK 5 - 'So Incredible' (featuring Alaya Jonelle)

Very relaxed beat and a great intro make this an excellent outro for the EP. The sound is similar to Method Man with the deep tones and beautiful singing sounding flow. Add the background singing and beautiful voice of the only feature on the entire project, Alaya Jonelle, and you have a hit. Tony Grands excels at building with the beat. He doesnt force his flow at any point on the EP. The beat for 'So Incredible' is a slower pace than the rest, and still he delivers his sound and message with flawless execution.


If you do not fuck with this album, you either do not have ears or need new headphones. We suggest pressing play and chilling for 5 amazing songs.

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