Goose Bumps

The perfect melodic composition sends chills up your spine. It is a truly unique vibe in its own right. It takes a deeper approach then the normal high energy in your face songs that hip-hop is so well known for. It takes a very unique artist also. Insert Sorry X and her newest single 'Brain Freeze' and you get one of those perfect compositions. The song has energy, but reaches deeper and truly captures an audience. Add a feature from Sewerperson on the Fantom beat, and you have a great song that seems truly needed at this point of the year. You can enjoy 'Brain Freeze' directly below. Also follow Sorry X on Twitter HERE for at the minute updates about all things Sorry X. Even after a year that has seen the unsinkable sink, Sorry X continues to take her talents and efforts to a new level. We have had the honor of watching the progress first hand. To hear it for yourself, enjoy the new single and take a deeper dive through her entire catalog. There is something for everybody!

This song is also available on YouTube and is coming to major platforms soon!