Good Music Doesn't Burn Out

Most visuals by artist fall flat, even in the mainstream community. Lets be honest, we need different concepts than bouncing asses in the background while someone mumbles over a TM88 beat. This brings us to our featured piece today and that is the official music video for Burnout MacGyver's song 'HUSTLEGOD'.

Different is good, especially in visuals. Different is actually needed in our eyes. Insert the beginning of the 'HUSTLEGOD' music video. We see Burnout MacGyver doing typical Burnout MacGyver shit with a mask on. He is one of the few artists we can say started that trend in the underground. He is seen with two machetes simply rolling onions around. Weird? Yes. Is your attention captured? Definitely. Then the beat drop approaches. Most artists do not utilize their production properly. Those drops are made for delivery switches and they make so many things possible in visuals for songs.

Beat drops. Machete begins to swing down. Black screen The message is portrayed with perfect timing towards the vibe of the song and the beat itself as a dip to black transition leads up right to Burnout rapping... yes with a mask on. This song delivers clever lines one after another. Sometimes less is more. If he is a HUSTLEGOD, he must be able to "sell sand to a beach" or "sell water to a lake". The use of angles is beyond excellent in this video with the perfect amount of b roll footage to keep clips and scenes from dragging.

Another huge bonus is the video presence Burnout has. Artists need to know it is the same as performing live.l You have to truly portray what you want o get across. Some videos you have scenes where artists are locking eyes with their director or in a flat scene with no movement or angle changes. Burnout MacGyver is in his pocket and it is clear for the entire video. Also the added black cuts make edgier videos like this one so much more powerful. All the small things were done right, and they help compliment a great visual concept and an amazing song. View the video and see for yourself directly below.

Credit is always given where due.

So quick salute to the video's director, Indiana Parker!

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