Get Ready For A New DK

Houston artist has been away from the scene for a very good reason. He is currently pursuing his education at Lamar University. However, DK who is a member of the CWCMF Agency has a new project coming soon. The project is titled 'Asylum' and was hinted at several times last year. Thanks to the advice given from the upper tiers of the Agency, DK held off until the project was at the level it needed to be. Now the project is at that level and we get it August 3rd.

Our CEO, B-L1FE, has been in the studio with DK and has also engineered some of his past songs. When asked what to expect B said, "the kid is still finding himself as an artist because he is young, but I do know he has bars and some fireworks are gonna be present on August 3rd." DK brings a very hype persona while staying true to his nerdy, mellow side. Back in that session with DK, B recalls him saying, "if Im not me Im being fake which means Im being a bitch". So, in terms of energy dont expect him to simmer down. Expect the content and cohesiveness to be much better than any previous works you have heard from DK.

Stream some DK directly below and remember to follow him on Twitter HERE