Full Steam Ahead

His debut album 'S1NS' just dropped in April. B-L1FE showed no sign of slowing down by immediately jumping into his second album '6/6/6'. The debut single 'Clasick' off the follow-up album is already out as of May 6th featuring Alphabyte and produced by MiSS ANTiDOTE. We still get one more single on May 26th, and the entire album on June 6th. It is as if the albums are intertwining as we also get the official music video for 'O.D.' on May 16th, which is a song from 'S1NS'. It seems sitting on music or slowing down is not part of the gameplan being put forth by SupportArt founder and CEO B-L1FE.

Stream 'S1NS' & 6/6/6's Single 'Clasick' Directly Below Along With The Albums Full Tracklist

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Tracklist for '6/6/6'

1) What If (prod. Fryedboymarley)

2) Breaking Sad ft. SAYYAS (prod. Siroka)

3) All In My Head (prod. Scadum)

4) Angel (prod. LXR111)

5) Pour Another Shot (prod. Siroka)

6) Watch Your Steps (prod. Cero Supreme)

7) Breathe (prod. Penny, The Shabba)

8) Clasick ft. Alphabyte (prod. MiSS ANTiDOTE)

9) Trading Time (prod. DJ LACKSWAG)

10) Owe Not A Soul ft. JBadge (prod. SoundsBySeb)

11) Asking These Questions (prod. Cero Supreme)

12) Gang Talk 2 (prod. Yung N ICy)