Frozen In The Blood Realm

One brand that we have connected with in several ways from co-hosting promo packages with them to a Q&A with the brand itself, is Underground Vampire Club. They have a sub-division filled with talent and potential to the moon and back known as BloodRealm. We recently wanted to get to know more about them but also the man who started BloodRealm, SXBERBLU. View our Q&A with a mastermind below.

Q: We know you are the founder of UVC BloodRealm, but what else do you do in the industry?

A: "Within the music industry I also work with artists in IcedOutAngels and XXIX Club. I used to be a writer for UVC until we started the collective through me."

Q: The jacks of all trades often do much more than people see so do you personally make music?

A: "Yes, I did the vocals for the project 'sxberblu' obviously and my throwaway project 'gloomyonasunday'. Also the vocals on a side project yet to be released, so in summary I also make music myself."

Q: How do you manage four different brands/collectives and also stay creative personally?

A: "With the help of my friend Zomb Slays who is a producer and also manages me as well as being a wonderful brother. XXIX also has a couple managers in IHATEPVRPL, Rxdrig0, and Whisper "The Coke God". IcedOutAngels I do not run personally. Im just in it for the ride or die with them. As for my own personal creativity, its never been hard for me. I started off making three to five songs every night from writing them to mixing them. I still manage to do that a year and half into it. Music lyrics just come easier for me. I atone that to just growing up around music, having it run in my family, and ADD allowing me to think and almost hyper focus into it."

Q: How did you come across artists that are so talented and also so unique (what hip-hop truly needs) like RVLA & Yeoj!?

A: "RVLA, I had worked with beforehand and he was looking to join BloodRealm but what was funny was at the time he didnt know that I created it. As far as the other members, Id have to say UVC helped a lot. We put out a post recruiting and I listened to 350+ artists as well as interviewing a good number of them that I thought would be a good fit. From there, its just been smooth sailing as well as having a rather easy time at networking."

Q: Do you ever consider transitioning BloodRealm into a label like SupportArt is currently doing?

A: "That is the goal, but we mostly want to do it for our members so they can profit as we grow. You can only do what you love for free for so long right?"

Q: What other brands, collectives, etc. do you admire for the moves they are making?

A: "To be honest, the biggest one that stands out to me is my brothers-in-arms IcedOutAngels and XXIX Club. Also, I cannot forget UVC."

Q: What moves do you and your movements have in store for 2019?

A: "XXIX Club is going to start doing more shows and potentially be at SXSW. BloodRealm will be coming with a couple more albums. For myself, I've got an album to finish for just before the new year."

Q: What can we expect to hear from you on your album?

A: "My album is about the coldness of heartbreak. Expect a lot of ambient echoes and references to now, substance abuse for coping, and demons. It'll come in two parts. One part will be softer ambience, and the other half will be harder hitting drums and so forth."

Q: Do you have any features on the project we should know about?

A: "Yes a good few. Nobody too big but people I know will fit the project perfectly."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your Q&A with SupportArt?

A: "We should be good."

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