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Over the past 9 months, we have done Q&A's with talent from all around the world. It is nice to hear their answers, and to see behind the music itself. However, you can never truly understand an artist. Half of the time they dont fully understand themselves. With '8:41' being a huge success, Deon Williams is now looking towards his release of the full project 'Blackout'. Instead of us asking ten things that popped up during a conversation, we decided to give the stage to Deon. We asked one question. What does this project mean to you song by song? Here is what an artist said when it came to the heart and soul they put into what some merely call music.

Deon: "Blackout as a whole is a story. Its called 'Blackout' for a reason. Each song represents a time of my life. I did that so when I come back and revisit the project when Im further along in my career, I can always remember where I came from. The plan was to never forget that... where I am from."

Deon: "The first song 'Alive', I talk about questioning God and my purpose on this Earth. I thought my purpose was to play football, go to college, and be the man. Now that could've been it, but I lost focus after my team went 0-10. I was dating a girl at the time who I thought I was gonna marry after highschool and be happy with for the rest of my life. In that point in time, I felt alive. It was some of the best days of my life, but of course, it didnt end the way I had planned it. So, thats how the track 'Alive' came about."

Deon: "But, then we go to 'Red Lights'. If you have ever been in a recording studio you know what the red light means. I also see it as the red lights you see at traffic stops and stop signs. So, I used that song to stop and face reality. The first verse I was asking questions basically wanting to the know the reason why everything I talk about on 'Alive' happened. I hint a lot at the reasons on the hook.

'Just tell me is this real? Is it all you can imagine? Is love real? Why havent I had it? Do dreams come true? Are we living in the dark? Just tell me is it real or we never speak at all.'

Those were the darkest moments of my life. Those are things I really felt at that moment. I felt alone, but of course, I had my brothers there."

Deon: "That is how the song 'A6' came about. You can hear the shift in my voice. It was meant to represent progression from those dark times. A6 is a brotherhood. I love those dudes, and I will until I leave this Earth: Tank, Zach Thomas, Bri$co, Wavy & Shells. They might not know but they helped me in some pretty dark moments. They showed me love and loyalty. Those are two qualities that are rare to find in this day and age."

Deon: "Now the song 'Longer' was formed literally by accident. I didnt want Zach on the hook or the song period. It was going to be an outro, but he told me he had me and swore on it. He sent it back to me about two hours later with his verse complete, and then I finished mine. He added the phone call which is in the song to give the feeling of pain. The phone call was a different element. He added that so the viewer/listener could relate to the track. The song hits you in a different way. You feel what we felt in those moments."

Deon: "8:41.... is actually an intro to the next project 'Sunrise: The Come Up'. Some people asked me why '8:41', why that time. Its actually not a time, its the middle digits to a person's phone number who actually changed my life and gave me more inspiration than ever. It is my favorite song because of how honest I am within it. Thats how I feel now. I feel like I've grown out of the pain I was in at the start of 'Blackout'. The project was meant to mark the progression and stages of my life. We always got to keep going forward. I feel like if I stop now, I go back to that place I was in with 'Alive', and I dont want that."

Deon then asked us if we had any more questions. We wanted more of what was going on in his heart with this project. All artists are tortured. What were his tribulations, and what did it make 'Blackout' mean to him?

Deon: "This project means everything to me. The way it was crafted. The late nights and early morning writing sessions. Coming home late. Bonding with Tank and Zach the whole time. All of it. I think it will be something I can always look back at and smile on how it turned out. From the honesty in the songs to how much it relates to somebody that is or once was going through the same things I was is a big part of why I love it. For the time being, it is the best version of me. I owe that to the journey and grind we all took to get here. I wouldnt change a thing. 'Blackout' represents so much shit to me, and for me to put out something so personal and close to my heart only to get the love I have so far has been a feeling in my life that is unmatched. I have never experienced anything like it. So, until they stop showing love you best believe its only up from here. I want to be the best rapper to ever do it. I say that in the most humble way possible, but if you want to do something, you should want to be the best to do it. Leave your name and fingerprints cemented on it. Thats going to be the approach from now on. I owe that to God, the city Im from (New Orleans), and where everything started... Little Elm. My family and friends also. Thats how we got 'Blackout', and that is why it means so much to me."

Its clear everything Deon Williams has, and then some was poured into this project. You can find it on Soundcloud, and possibly on major platforms in the coming weeks.

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