From The Ashes

Some stars in the underground shine brighter without even trying. Its in their talent itself. One of those artists is Sorry X and the amazing voice, and deep lyrical melodic songs she continues to deliver. She continued to deliver with her newest single 'Ashes' which we are proud to be covering.

The new single was produced by Minos is yet another shining example of this bright star. Her voice transcends the feelings and vibes she wants listeners to develop with every track. There is so much soul and heart and texture to her singing voice that gives her this unique power. 'Ashes' would probably be one of her more aggressive drops as she speaks on the burdens of being overlooked and left behind. The song should find itself very relatable for all listeners and the bridge after the killing time at around the minute mark is remarkable. The hook bounces when the beat doesnt which gives the entire song this properly assembled feel. At no point does Sorry X seem to be singing over an instrumental. It sounds like her and a producer built this entire arrangement from the ground up. Her use of her instrumentals continues to make her one of our favorite female artists altogether. Also, the biggest point for us is that she uses content that can relate to either gender; an often overlooked element by female musicians. Listen to 'Ashes' below, and we guarantee you will be looking for all of her music. Soon, Sorry X will be a household name.




This song is not only on SoundCloud. It is also on all major streaming services with multiple types of visuals coming soon!