Fridays Belong to Fresco

Indianapolis star King Kap aka Fresco is back on his grind to the fullest. Every other Friday he is giving people new music or new visuals and past Friday was no different as he released content that makes the 9th installment of Fresco Fridays. King Kap sent out a short clip of the 'Lil B' music video that is gaining attention and traction thanks to social media with the YouTube link directly in said tweet. The energy in the song and video are both elements that has always made Fresco excel. King Kap is a veteran to the hip hop game and a name known among many even at the very top levels of hip-hop, and it is truly a sight to see his catalog continue to expand. We remember listening to 'Jimmy Butler' and 'Pull Up' the minute they were released live to the public. Make sure to keep up with Fresco as he will be delivering content on the regular by following him on Twitter HERE. We embed the video snippet via Twitter along with more work from King Kap below for everyone to enjoy. BUT MAKE SURE YOU GO CHECK OUT THE BRAND NEW KING KAP VIDEO FOR 'LIL B'!!

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