Follow Up On JStar Premiere

10 days ago, a song dropped from Ted Ganung that was literally international. What we mean is all the different influences and artists involved were from around various parts of the globe. Ted Ganung is a New York producer, and this latest track "Ile" features Sabir Adjebade who is a Berlin national. However, Sabir sings in French on this song that was premiered by JStar on his music show JStar at the Control Tower, which is a regular Friday night reggae and bass music show on Scientific Sound Asia. The show is broadcast out of Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam. So just from the description, we have three different continents involved. Stream the song 'Ile' below and then enjoy our review. Remember there is a language barrier in this review so we will be looking at the quality more than content.

Before the review, stream 'Ile" directly from this page!

REVIEW: The talking by JStar is odd for a SoundCloud song, but remember this was debuted on live radio. The singing from Sabir Adjebade is phenominal. He gives the reggae feel to the entire track. The production is a little open when it comes to what genre it is exactly thus opening a door to turn this track into the sound the artists envisioned. Towards the two minute mark, the drum pattern does finally begin to take a reggae influenced turn. It is a nice break down in the beat, and it further pushes the work by SAbir Adjebade. This breakdown is filled with elegant vocals and can be found twice throughout the song. In essence, after listening, it creates what could be considered the chorus. The production is very good. Mixing and mastering are perfect, and simply hearing clean vocals without pitch correction or any of the hip-hop trends is refreshing. There is nice pattern changes which make the composition full. Only thing we can even take a deeper look at it the use of the same melody pattern throughout the song. This is typically a no no in hip-hop. For this song, we cannot speak for the entire genre, it works very well. The contrast in drum patterns from the chorus to the bridge sections is simple but yet gives amazing depth to the song. This is a good listen especially for the reggae fans out there. We know we now have an eye on the sounds coming from not only JStar, but also producer Ted Ganung.

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