Florida Is Flooding With Talent

We have covered several Florida based artists here at SupportArt. From our very own kevspeakstruth, who combines unique snappy deliveries mixed with one of the most beautiful singing voices around to the deep heartfelt yet mainstream sounding songs put out by DreLee863. Our next artist, who has previously been featured in one of our Top10Underrated blogs, brings forth a reggae sound and unique delivery that almost intertwines with the snares and high hats of the beats... which he also makes. That artist is TrillBazz, founder of Florida Jams and Creatives Only, and we got the chance to ask him a few questions to get to know this jack of all trades better. Whether it is his music, graphics, or production, he is one to keep an eye on. Read our Q&A below and stream some TrillBazz music!

Q: Who are you as an artist sincee you are considered a jack of all trades?

A: "I feel like the label creative fits me the most. I overall can do everything my mind allows me to do. I feel like I can express myself however I want and tons of people will co-sign my feelings because of who I am. I consider myself a man of the people."

Q: What inspired your collectives Creatives Only and Florida Jams?

A: "The drought of support thats shown to the underground. As an underground artist myself, I know all the favoritism thats involved with a handful of curators. A lot of people naturally choose to ignore me and other artists. My goal with these two platforms is to be the go to platform for the exposure you want. I also want to set the example that not every curator involves favoritism and that there are people who give chances."

Q: What craft of yours do you consider your favorite and your escape?

A: "My favorite at the moment has to be producing. It allows me to make something come out of thin air. My escape however is definitely writing. Brings out my demons when I need to breathe."

Q: CO (Creatives Only) only continues to expand... what was the idea behind the new branch CO2?

A: "The plan behind that is making it another page for exposure but instead of making promotional tweets through the main source, all promo is now conducted on that page."

Q: As a rapper, you've been dropping hit single afrter hit single for months... any sights set on a full length project?

A: "I've always had these projects in mind and on back burner. The time has to be right. Next year you can expect 'Palm Treez - EP' and the album 'BurdNest'."

Q: Any details about either project you can leak here first?

A: "'Palm Treez' is compiled of some of the first beats I ever made. They hold a special place in my vault, and they need to be displayed in 2019. 'BurdNest' is an album consisting of songs made by me and my dad on the guitar and bass. He is a legend and this album will get me really far. This one is the one to be on your toes for."

Q: What would you call your personal style when it comes to your graphic design work?

A: "I would call it Freestyle. When I get in my PS apps, I get in a process of just adding and blending and filtering things."

Q: Who has been your biggest personal inspiration to pursue your dream with the amazing effort that you do?

A: "Nobody. I've never had anybody to look up to. I always say my dad but really he doesnt inspire me at all."

Q: With that being said, what keeps you pushing forward?

A: "The potential within me with my creativity and my platforms."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your Q&A with SupportArt?

A: "Dont let your thoughts be your worst enemy. Keep pursuing your dreams. I have faith in you. Shoutout CO gang!"




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