First Installation

Cravo has been cooking. His newest project 'Beast with a Broken Heart' is 6 songs that create a melodic masterpiece. The best part is we know that 5 more songs are coming with his drop of the deluxe version. The project features appearances by Ghxstbxby, who produced all 6 songs and 4 of the 5 on the upcoming deluxe edition, as well as appearances by Yung Litt and JK47. When asked to describe the project, Cravo summed it up as "I would describe it as love bro, just all the ups and downs you go through when loving people." You can hear the story for yourself directly below as we await the release of the deluxe addition and also some music videos according to the artist. Follow Cravo on Twitter HERE for at the moment updates. This project and the deluxe is/will be available on all major streaming platforms.

The First 6 Songs Are As Follows

1) Yo Love

2) Mind Ya Business ft. Ghxstbxby, JK47, & Yung Litt

3) Convinced

4) Overthinking ft. JK47

5) Time Wasted

6) Spend Some Time