Finding Himself w/ Losin Myself

Artists truly undervalue a solid gameplan. Its needed from release scheduling, to professional, aesthetic matching art, to shows and visual efforts. Kid G is not one of them artists. He has a plan all the way well into 2021 and gave us all a lot of killer content in 2020. One of those pieces of content is the music video for his song 'Losin Myself'.

Kid G pulled out all the stops. The video has the needed professional feel. There is a nice amount of scenery making the video feel full and prevents it from falling flat in terms of visual presentation. You can view the video directly below or on the homepage of our sight while it is our featured video. This is the 3rd video off his latest album 'Bars on Me'. Also follow the creative responsible for the music and art itself on Twitter HERE to keep up with all things Kid G. Get ready for a busy 2021 by this artist.

Other credits go to @KEEPMOVINFORWARDUSA who shot the video and CronicBeats who produced the song.