Feature Presentation

One artist you may have seen mentioned in some blogs as a feature artist is none other than G.Soulow. The SRE (SupremeRoyaltyENT) artist has made an impact on us ever since we covered a DAI song which he made an appearance on. Now the spotlight is solely upon him and his new 4 track EP titled 'W!ld C4rd'. The project features two solo tracks: 'Talkin' Down' and 'W!LDC4RD', as well as two collaboration tracks. The first guest appearance is by OYN King on track number 1, 'Fosholy'. Then on track 3 we get a feature by aforementioned DAI on 'Envy Me'.

All throughout the EP you get the hard hitting yet melodic new age sound that G.Soulow and his close circle are becoming known for. Stream the project via Spotify directly below and follow G on Twitter HERE to keep up to date with all things involving this creative. We hope to cover more from him in the near future.