Expecting The Truly Unexpected

One of our favorite artists in the underground in general is Burnout Macgyver. He is a creative known for his wildly unique sound that touches base with trap metal all the way to Thutmose like ambient filled pieces of work. There is a lot of different vibes amidst a general aesthetic. His visual representations only branch further down the rabbit hole into what you weren't expecting, but they never fail to deliver.

Friday, Burnout Macgyver drops his next visual to a song that wont even be on streaming platforms on January 17th. We are going to keep every piece of info behind closed doors until the end of this week, but if you want to know how to brace yourself, you can find plenty of music videos and more from Burnout Macgyver directly below. We also covered the music video for 'HUSTLEGOD' in 2019 for our dedicated readers. We will have full coverage of the music video the second it drops. It truly is hard to tell what this genius mind will give us. At least we are guaranteed to receive fire. Also follow this creative via Twitter HERE to find more music, visuals, and other dope content by Burnout Macgyver.

We will see you ALL on Friday!

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