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Benzo Bailey has been shaking things up. The recent signee to TGE just released his first project with Trap Global Entertainment which is ran by Weebay titled 'Pints'. We here at SupportArt have the privilege of covering what will be Benzo Bailey's first project. For those of you who do not know, his former stage name was K!NG, with which he gathered a good following within the underground. Now alongside an artist like Weebay and with the backing of TGE, Benzo Bailey is emerging as the next up from the underground. It is about time somebody ended the nobody from the underground making it that somehow filled our 2019.

We love music by both Benzo Bailey and Weebay so this project gets the track by track review. Before you read our review over these two versatile artists who seem to elevate one another with every effort they have released, please stream the EP directly below. This is good music regardless of what genre or sound you like. Good music is one thing and that is good music.


Track 1

Fast feat. Weebay (prod. Pluto)

This song was one of two leaks of the amazing content that Benzo Bailey and Weebay had coming. We did cover it in a recent blog that you should all check out. One thing from the start of this song is how well the structure is and how much the quality has improved on what was already a sturdy foundation. The backing of the label and the way these two artists contrast and feed off one another is clearly a giant pushing force behind this creative. Weebay is featured on all four tracks on this EP. Not because he had to be, but because once you hear 'Fast' it is very clear these two were meant to work together. This is the perfect tone setter and eye opener to start the EP. If you did not know Benzo Bailey until now... you are welcome.

Track 2

Racks! feat. Weebay (prod. jakebreh)

'Racks!' was referred to as one of his two favorite songs... the other being track 3. We did get to speak with Benzo Bailey briefly before conducting our review of the EP. The beat by jakebreh is not what we are used to hearing Benzo on. It has a big fat DaBaby vibe to it, and then insert the new sounds Benzo has been saying he has been working on. He rides the beat to perfection. He is a perfect combination of the sounds you'd get from Lil Baby and DaBaby. His punchlines in this song are also amazing. Next level from anything you have heard from this artist yet. Weebay brings a lot of energy to the song. He has more of a Lil Baby sound which lets make this clear is not a bad thing. His use of pitch correction accents the song instead of drowning out the excellent production work. Again, we point to quality. Its there and its evident. The song is a short bop. Just what you would want from track 2 of the EP.

Track 3

Froze feat. Weebay (prod. jakebreh & Tarentino)

This is the other personal favorite of Benzo Bailey. The hook is catchy. The production combination of jakebreh & Tarentino gives the song an excellent mellow but yet still up tempo vibe. The first verse has a Benzo Bailey entering with such a hard flow you almost think it is Weebay at first. Weebay on this song is on more of the wavy side. It is interesting, but a perfect switch half way through the EP. Benzo spits the bars while Weebay goes for the more melodic sound. This again is another short bop. Its clear that these two are just giving people a taste of what the future holds with Benzo Bailey now signed to TGE. Amazing track which leads into the final track which was the other leak alongside 'Fast'.

Track 4

Pure Codeine feat. Weebay

This track is the most melodic song on the project. It is definitely these two artists being true to themselves and allowing their styles to compliment eachother perfectly. This was the first song from these two that we heard. No cap, we have been hooked ever since. Its a good placement to place the rawest track at the end. When we say raw, we arent referring to the quality. The quality is up to par with the other 3 tracks. We are referring to the artists sticking to their original styles. Its a great song, and contrasts the other 3.

All in all, no track sounds alike and all four are excellent. If this is a sample of what is to come from these two TGE members (one being the man running the show) then we are in store for plenty of excellent music in the future.

Make sure to follow Benzo Bailey on Twitter and Instagram so you can keep up with the TGE and WAYV WRLD artist that keeps amazing! You can expect this project on major streaming services soon as well. We will make sure to inform the people when that comes to fruition.