Endings Are Only Beginnings

A lot has changed and it has happened quickly. We will certainly catch you up once we have restructured what we can only call massive moves. However, the great music does not stop. This week especially, with VP Angry Orphan dropping a new song on Thursday followed up by CEO B-L1FE dropping his final single off his mixtape as the Friday exclusive.

The song Angry Orphan is bringing to the table again ups the ante. Thank the Lord we arent talking about a poker table. He drops this song on the same day as the day he was born. This is one of the rare instances where we do not know what to expect. Of course, the music will be filled with passion, emotion, and groundbreaking lyrics. Outside of that, all we can give you is this announcement and the official coverart, designed by B-L1FE.

When it comes to the Friday release, we are keeping it quiet. The spotlight should be on Angry Orphan and our current spotlight client DreLee863. What we will say is the song is featuring 3 other members from SA corporate alongside B-L1FE. Below you can stream all of our exclusives where you can expect to see this track Friday.