So many artists have asked us questions about how to grow their brand or audience. When it comes to being an artist, one of the major elements that makes your brand and presence seem and feel legitimate is a full project. Singles are amazing. But, they are not a way to solidify yourself in the music industry. However, singles and a steady amount of content do play a role in a world where there are hundreds of names so they are even quicker to forget one. Young Micah is a name that has flickered around the underground with some great singles. He also had guest appearances that we covered for rising artist D Cravo that were excellent pieces of work from both artists. Now, is it time for Micah to truly come into his own with the release of his EP '2020 Vision'. The 8 song project which includes appearances by D Cravo, XO Cam, and BLAKE FADES. The project is a very aggressive but vulnerable project where from the the song 'Intro' you are learning exactly who the artist Young Micah is. He has a few pockets where the flow sounds raw still, but he definitely has a cohesive sound and style that is building. The audio quality and production on the entire project are excellent. Appearances by the often mentioned producer highlight the beginning of songs like 'No Limit' which was a stand out track that has many elements that are mainstream feeling. Young Micah approached each track of this EP with a different sound he wanted to accomplish. The overall message is that he is now giving his visions as an artist and with that he delivered this said EP. The hook on 'No Limits' by XO Cam and the way his verse and Micah's blend on a new melodic dimension is great music. The lyrical content is there also especially when you get to songs like 'Anxiety' or 'Intro'. At times the vibes seem to go from deep to the more bass thumping songs like 'Never Had' but the back end is more melodic and soulful. There is something for everybody and the project is worth the time and listen. You can stream '2020 Vision' by Young Micah on Spotify directly below. Also follow him on Instagram HERE to keep up with a creative who is part of a Midwest empire in the making.

Editor Picks: Never Had & Survive