Dual Threat Beast

Young HDM has always worked closely with us. He is a producer/rapper with an exponentially unique style and sound in both areas. Now he is currently our spotlight artist alongside Rimba Nissa with his new single 'Never Let Me Go'. Young HDM also produced the track.

Catchy would be the key word. The hook is outstanding. Adlibs fill out every inch of the track. The vocal effects are not overpowering and compliment the lines. This song, we want to add, was also engineered by Young HDM. The lyrics keep the somber lofi feel but are harder hitting. The syntax and song content is superb. We are currently in a day and age where every viral Spotify playlist is filled with only names like Lil Pump, 6IX9INE, and Lil Yachty. So many artists are following the fad that these artists regularly produce. Young HDM proves with his new single he is one of the rare ones still fighting for lyricism. Overall, there are no flaws in this song in any area. From the production to the engineering to the delivery and lyrics 'Never Let Me Go' is outstanding.

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