Dont Runaway From Good Music

9 9wl is a quickly up and coming artist in the underground. There are different plateaus that underground artists hit, and there are things that help artists get to the next level. One of the biggest keys from going from the underground to what we call the mid major level is quality visuals. Our current spotlight track, on both Soundcloud and Youtube, is a perfect example. We knew 9 9wl. Then he made us see him.

His new single 'Runaway' is a very different vibe. It is upbeat and somber at the same time with vocals that remind us of the late Lil Peep. The verses play very well with the chorus and instrumental. At times, you almost get a Blink 182 vibe from the single which was produced by Deku. Not only did he drop this terrific single, 9 9wl also dropped an official music video to accompany his new music. Stream the song on Soundcloud and watch the official music video for 'Runaway' directly below!