Dont Be So Blve

Well known battle rapper, Blve Cocaine is much more than just a fierce foe when it comes to freestyle punchline driven bars. She is a complete artist and probably one of the best regardless of gender in the entire underground. She has just began her push as a full fledged artist, but streams of her song 'Shit Show' have caught the attention of all ears who have heard it including Dash Radio's show THE WOLFCLVB and its host Ace McCain and more. Her biggest move since has been the release of an official music video as well as her being one oft he final four artists to be revealed from the first ever Underground Freshman List. We are proud to be one of the presenting brands alongside CWCMF, WAYV WRLD, The Experience, and No Rivals. View her new music video to the song 'Addicts Anonymous' directly below as well as some footage of her battle raps.

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Also As We Stated Earlier, Do Not Sleep On Her Hit Single 'Shit Show' Which You Can Stream Directly Below