Dont Be Shy

There are so many stones that have yet to be turned over in the music industry. The more you explore, the more you seem to find that the people with clout like the talent of those without it. Now, there are times where the hype and name are deserved. One artist who continually makes moves, works with people who conduct good business, and expands his platform daily is Lil Shies. He has no strings attached to any group, brand, or label. He simply loves making music and has a vision that he is following strictly. We had a chance to learn more about him as a person and artist. View our Q&A withNYC artist Lil Shies below.

Q: As an artist, who is lil shies and what do you stand for?

A: "I'm a NYC born and raised artist. I stand for honesty, respect, and commitment because so many people do you shiesty. Thats where the name Shies actually came from."

Q: We see a lot from UVC about you, are you a member of their brand?

A: "I always appreciate what UVC does for me. They are the real deal but Im not apart of their brand or any other brand. ATBM (if you dont know that acronymn you might want to reevaluate life) is real close to them and has worked with them plenty of times on a consistent basis, and me and her are close. I got a lot of love for her and her co-signing me as an artist has helped me get my name out there. Im appreciative of having a friend like her. She is real and genuine."

Q: What projects do you have coming, and can you tell us the titles or list any of the featured artists?

A: "Im currently working on a tape fully produced by Trapwolfbeatz. I have a song with Loudpack Kap I'll be releasing, a single I'll follow that up with later on, and a lot more. Im hype to finish a couple of these other songs off. Everyone will be surprised who else Im going to be working with."

Q: What would you say is your best song out of the ones you currently have out?

A: "I would have to say 'Lonely' featuring Sub9k."

Q: What artists that you see in your same circles do you still want to collaborate with?

A: "There are a bunch of artists I want to work with eventually. Honestly too many to name. I will just say the first two that pop into my head: Yung Free & Max B."

Q: Outside of being a rapper, what other crafts do you have in your arsenal? A: "I used to do a lot of graffiti at one point in my life. Sometimes I miss it, and I feel like I could do it again but right now I got too much going on. As of now, I dont have any other crafts persay, but I want to get back to being more artistic in general. I would like to build a clothing brand one day in the future and get into modeling if the opportunity ever comes along."

Q: Are you currently on major platforms like iTunes and Spotify?

A: "Im not on any of the major platforms just yet, but that is something coming in the near future."

Q: What sets you apart from the stigma of being another SoundCloud rapper?

A: "What sets me apart from that stigma is that Im just being myself. A stigma only exists if you let it. I experiment with sounds, but I dont try to bite swag. Someone having an influence on your work and simply biting off of someone else's wave are two different things. If you listen to my songs you would instantly know what I mean."

Q: How would you say people like Meagan inspire you in this industry filled with hate and constant competition?

A: "Well, Meagan is a strong, level-headed person. She has been doing this for awhile, and seeing her still going at it makes me feel like I shouldnt stop anytime soon either. All this hating shit is trash, but its more deep than what people think. I just try to not pay any mind to any of it and keep doing what I do."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your Q&A with SupportArt?

A: "Enjoy the small things in life and stay true to yourself. Its always better that way. Also follow me on SoundCloud & Twitter: @Lil_Shies."