Do You Believe In Magic?

kevspeakstruth put his name firmly on the map when he dropped his previous album 'Home Alone'. To be honest, it was already a massive growth for him as an artist, and a follow up project so soon seemed to be a chance that he did not have to take. Yet, he shot his shot, and he drained it. Releasing four new songs along with the single 'IDK' in a project titled 'Club 27', kevspeakstruth showed once again how far he continues to grow and push as a creative. There isnt a bad song on the project. Honestly, it would be a battle to the death to figure out which song was the least best. You get a few answers for questions you may have had after 'Home Alone'. You get singing and rapping both of which kst is excellent at. You also get a new prespective to him.

He told us how he let so much out with 'Home Alone', and how this project was more care free in a sense. He had everything in the open, and now the job was to create. In camp, we have already heard what is coming after 'Club 27'. He just keeps getting better and better. Also expect some wild features from the Florida native.

All in all. We have to say 'Good' or 'IDK' is our favorite but stream directly below and make your own pick!

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