Do Not Sleep On TBElijah

Melodic tones are a big wave currently sweeping hip hop and its a fad that isnt bad for once. We are very blessed to be past the day of mumble rap. What many do not see is the amount of lyricism the so called emotional type of music contains. It alongside your west coast/BK sounding lyricists (think Kendrick Lamar and Nas) are truly bringing lyricism and content back to the forefront. Especially with artists like this spotlight artist TBElijah who can give you the melodic song but have many variations. May his soul forever rest in peace, but you get the feeling in a versatility sense that reminds you of XXXTENTACION with TBElijah. The song we are focused on is his newest single 'The Reason'. This one is the definition of a slapper especially with the beat which was produced by Nashi and Myst.

The content is very deep and for most very easy to relate to. However, with the deeper topics and issues that TBElijah is touching on, the song still feels upbeat. Its a beautiful talent that not many artist possess. This song for us is a must listen. He is now an artist we will be playing very close attention to. Stream 'The Reason' on SoundCloud directly below. We hope you enjoy as much as we did. Also follow him on Twitter HERE