Development Complete

At this point we are positive that D Cravo is the definition of work ethic. Already dropping yet another single in the first month of January with his newest track 'Money Dreams' which is hands down his best song to date. The Gh0stb4by beat combined with the pitch correction on his southern draw creates one of the most melodic underground songs we have heard in years. We are thinking D Cravo is at the end stages of his development as an artist in terms of finding his sound.

Artists that persue music, especially those who do it for a living, can attest to the fact that it takes a lot of studio hours and trial and error to finally find your sound. That doesnt mean you have to only do that, but branding yourself and your sound is key for an artist. When D Cravo released 'Day Dreaming' in 2019 it was a shock to listeners systems as he had never really tried the melodic wavy sound, but it worked and then some. The sound and his voice are true love... when you know you just know. With that said, D Cravo is still like every artist and can continue to improve and grow, but his sound is now where he wants it and where we here at SupportArt feel it should be.

Another thing that made this song work was the length. D Cravo is phenomenal at knowing not to drowned a listener with 4 to 5 minutes of just him. Most solo songs from him have a run time of 1:45 to 3:00, and his longer songs are ones that he has guest appearances. This allows this song to stay catchy, and this is gonna be a BOLD claim, but 'Money Dreams' literally sounds like the Kevin Gates from his platinum album. No, not the Luca Brasi Kevin Gates, but the "all my diamonds shine cuz they really diamonds!" Kevin Gates which is not a bad comparison in any facet. D Cravo still has that amazing midwest flair to accompany that comparison so expect unique with anything Cravo drops. You can view the official audio video via YouTube directly below. This song can also be found on all major streaming platforms as well as the playlist that is exploding HighOnInternet which can be found on Spotify or directly via the home page of our site and app for Android (SupportArt OnDemand).

Before listening make sure you follow D Cravo on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE.