Day 1 Feelings

Some artists were already connected with members of the corporate side of SA. Some have enjoyed the free chats we offer. Some have worked on collaborations with members. Some have even been our Friday exclusive. One of our new spotlight artists, Yung Sqwayne, has been seeing SA grow ever since it was founded less than 3 months ago. Having someone who has watched nothing turn into something become a client is the best feeling. Our goal is to inspire and give back... always!

Using the spotlight on his track 'Look At Me Remix', Yung Sqwayne put himself levels ahead, not only by choosing SA to back him and this song, but by choosing a song that is catchy and full of energy. It isn't your basic hype music either. Sqwayne keeps the lifted energy and also still showcases his lyricism.

Go listen to 'Look At Me Remix' below and let Yung Sqwayne know that you are also rocking with him like SupportArt is!