DAI MUSIC LLC. May Be The New Dipset

DAI is back with another EP and the bass is down low.... really low. The Alabama artist and CEO of DAI MUSIC LLC. has really started applying the pressure in all things related to his music and doesn't show any signs of slowing with his newest EP 'DAI WOC STAR!'. The project features 3 bass heavy songs that are very similar, all of which were produced by Stvnk!. DAI and his team however bring all 3 alive with their beat riding styles and there is no shortage of energy from the project. DAI continues to showcase his artists and affiliates with every effort he puts forth. He is an artist with a CEO mindset and that is what makes him so dangerous. Many put the label CEO beside anything, but how they move and represent is what really shows that professional, appealing branding. Only big things can come from what we are gonna call the underground Dipset. Unless somebody turns down the bass, we have a new powerhouse slowly emerging.

Enjoy the EP directly below and follow DAI on Twitter HERE to keep tabs with him and all things DAI MUSIC LLC.