Crew Vibes

Yvng Leaf and Lil Rain delivered an absolute hit with the track 'With My Crew'. Stream the track directly below and then enjoy a brief review by us.

Review: Finally we get a review that isnt a song doing the same thing every other artist is doing. This track is not drowning in a sea of pitch correction and unoriginal lyrics. Instead we get vibes that remind us of the late Mac Miller and his collaborations with Earl Sweatshirt. The track stays mellow but also has hype elements with hard hitting bars and subtle but clever wordplay by Yvng Leaf. The feature by Lil Rain adds depth to the track as his style tone and voice perfectly contrast what Yvng Leaf brings forward. All in all, this track and the project it is from, 'Leaf's Nirvana' are refreshing and a big step away from the annoying normal hip-hop is currently stuck to. We hope to cover more from noth of these amazing artists who are truly what underground hip-hop is about. Well, that is if this track doesnt continue to go viral even more. Best of luck to both artists from all of us here at SupportArt.