Credit Your Producer!

SupportArt has their own producer branch ran by Yung N ICy. They have producer chats so that instrumental and melody work are not constantly overshadowed by this song or that song. If you follow us, you also see that requirements for exclusives and so forth is the song having producer credit. A new brand now emerges consistently of producers from the states and overseas, Fire Side Beats. Founder, M^rrow, did a quick Q&A with us to get the scoop on the new emerging brand. M^rrow, being a former in-house producer, was open and quick to jump on the opportunity. Not only for his brand, but for SupportArt. Love is given all around. View the official logo created by SupportArt CFO B-L1FE and the Q&A with the Fire Side founder.

Q: What inspired you (M^rrow) to start Fire Side Beats?

A: "Fire Side Beats was an idea I had brewing in my head for a long time. The inspiration behind it was seeing independent spaces for artist such as SupportArt and Underground Vampire Club popping up and seeing the way they push the underground talent. I realized that there was a huge lack of things for underground producers. The idea of a producer lead and ran label is to help, support, and bring forth upcoming talented producers such as JUSTWALK. I wanted to give them a similiar safe space to work wtih and create with support of others in their craft."

Q: How do you (M^rrow) feel producers are overshadowed in the current hip-hop scene?

A: "Producers are overshadowed by a massive over saturation. There are so many people creating these 'type' beats, which arent bad, but people arent finding their own sound. I feel that with the support of other producers, people can discover that they have their own unique ability to create music."

Q: Who has been your (M^rrow's) favorite artist that you (M^rrow) have produced for?

A: "In terms of artists I've worked with I'd have to say Nick Maitre. Me and that dude have a real connection and I fuck with his stuff and vice versa. We can criticize eachothers stuff without having any issues between us. We always create massive bangers. Something about his flow and my beats just works perfectly."

Q: There are many rumors that you (M^rrow) will be producing up to half of B-L1FE's debut album. What are your (M^rrow's) thoughts and expectations?

A: "Thats right! B-L1FE is one the most respectable and honest guys I've met in the underground game. His flows are mad. His songs go hard. The expectations of his album? No doubt he's gonna kill it!"

Q: Can you (M^rrow) tell us when MXM with Nick Maitre drops?

A: "Not as of yet, but just know this album is absolute flame. Nick and I have been working on this album all year to make it perfect for everyone. We got some banger beats, some hard flows, and some amazing features. Just keep an eye out. Follow me on Twitter for any updates."


Q: Earlier you (M^rrow) spoke about 'type' beats . What are your (M^rrow's) favorite 'type' beats to make personally?

A: "M^rrow type beats! I like to be myself. Im not out here to recreate someone else's sound. I want to be that guy everyone makes 'type' beats of. I feel like making your own style beats makes your music have longevity."

Q: What do you (M^rrow) see Fire Side Beatss becoming in a couple years, if not sooner?

A: "I see it being a successful producer lead and ran label, where all creatives feel safe and can help eachother grow. I'd like for it become a household name similar to Internet Money where the producers involved get to work with big artists and help other artist get big."

Q: Who else is behind the scenes of Fire Side Beats?

A: "In charge, at the moment, is Exprime and I. I met him a couple years back in college. The current roster of producers we have is JUSTWALK, JeeShrp, 80HB, Ryy, White Noise Beats, Ameratu, and Blacc with 2 C's. With these signings, we are working on our first beat pack which drops in about a week. After our first month, we will be looking to expand!"

Q: Any hopes of ever becoming an affiliated brand with SupportArt like brands such as REDSCALE MAGAZINE, FAITHxVICTORY Clothing, ILL MANRD MISFIT, CWU$A, CWCMF, Grooverelly Records, DxxD Rich Clothing, and many more have?

A: "Yes! We are always looking for partnerships with artist lead labels. Creating bonds and friendships is key in the industry, and a friendship is something me and B-L1FE have. I'd love to work with SupportArt and its affiliated artists as often as we can."

Q: With so many terrific producers, what is the name of the beat pack coming soon?

A: "The first beat pack is called 'Damage Control'."

Q: Anything else you (M^rrow) would like to add before we conclude this Q&A?

A: "I just want to say that Fire Side will be looking to recruit new producers in October so anyone out there on the edge, jump on the wave before it takes off! Hopefully everyone will help to make Fire Side a massive hit and support it through thick and thin! Thank you for the opportunity."

Below you can listen to the founder's music!