Continuing To Set Trends

When Benzo Bailey discovered his sound, the music world was in trouble or in bliss depending on which side of the fence they decided to be on. He has found a clear lane in his new wave emo meets punk rock ambient sound that leaves listeners hooked. He has drawn comparisons to artists from Lil Peep to Lil Skies and even artists like Tecca and Mosey. All of those names are revolutionary to the sounds we have today. So is this rising star, and he proved it again with his latest collaboration with Shortboyfr3sh entitled 'ON MY LINE'. Again, he messes with nuances that are slowly becoming his unique and personal style. Listen to the track directly below and see if you become hooked like we did. Also follow him on Twitter HERE to keep up with the vast plethora of content that this artist stays steady at work to deliver to his fans and the music world.