Consistency Is Key

It has been a good minute since we have directly covered former SA alum Alphabyte. A lot has changed. The Arizona based artist has been putting out content on a regular basis and trying new ways of not only marketing but engaging directly with his fans. His freshman album continues to carry classic songs you can find being curated to this day, and he followed that up with even stronger singles that saw some end up on a mixtape he recently released. One of the stand outs of the singles and a song expected to be on his next official project was the single 'Shooting Stars'.

Alphabyte is known for his unique cadence, rhyme scheme, and rhyme structure. He goes from double time to standard and back within a 4 bar sequence and maintains his ability to implement clever word play. Many rappers with a faster pace or odd structure like Alpha's tend to lean on the gimmick and truly lack content, but this artist accents his unique gift with excellent use of metaphors and more. 'Shooting Stars' showed him staying true to himself as an artist, but taking a much deeper dive in term of tones. It was a single released around the same time as 'Grandchild' and 'Run Away'. The engineering work by B-L1FE helps deliver the darker tone that Alphabyte packs with sentiment. Beat cuts and drops and gaps that Alphabyte lets the content breathe keep 'Shooting Stars' and the other mentioned songs from getting a monotonous sound and keep you intrigued. You can stream this excellent single and much more content from Alphabyte directly below. Also follow him via social media by following the highlighted text to Twitter and Instagram.