Collab Flexed Up

Two names that have steadily rose and rose since 2018 in the underground are the names of Benzo Bailey (once known by the name K!NG) and Lil Turbo. Both have consistently released quality content and other works that kept their fan base not only intact but always growing. Now, Benzo Bailey and Lil Turbo have dropped a bomb on the underground in the form of their newest collaboration... a single by Benzo titled 'Flexed Up!' which features the frequently used producer Donovan Wayne in action once again.

The song makes sense. The collab makes sense. If you have ever listened to either artist, you almost want to slap yourself for not thinking of this. Their sounds bounce and reflect while still mirroring one another. Both are exceptional talents, and in our opinion the best songs are when talent comes together. Its something about trying to compete with your featuring artist or vice versa in a healthy way that allows artists to truly level up on songs that aren't solo efforts. Artists can shine all by themselves, but to accent and highlight a talent and add more talent around it is never a negative addition. Enjoy the new single by these two rising artists directly below. Also follow them each on Twitter simply by clicking their name.

Benzo Bailey

Lil Turbo