Closing In On Full Speed

2019 hasn't seen a massive flood of music from Cody James like it has several other artists. There is no right or wrong to the way you release music. There are marketing methods. There are ways to not over saturate your own catalog. However, at the end of the day people only remember the hits. That is one thing Cody James has given them. Things are no different with his newest single '80 Down Main'.

Once again this rising Midwest star takes his gritty raw flow to another dimension. The delivery for this single is harder than the last ('No Title Needed') and hits throughout the song. Its perfectly titled considering the energy and presence given through the song. Cody is known for his lyrical content, but with the mix of it and such high energy, the song becomes something truly new to hip-hop. The bottom line is, you feel the passion this man puts into his craft. We salute anyone and everyone who does that. Stream '80 Down Main' directly below and follow Cody James on Twitter HERE for more content and updates as they come!

Also expect visual content from him very soon. In that case also follow him HERE on Instagram.