Class Is Back In

One of the fastest rising and known names of 2019 took the back third of the year off. Now, Cody James is preparing for his first drop of 2020 after a 2019 that saw his content explode on every platform possible. Although there is not a surplus of that content, it can only have one preparing for his first song of this year. The song coming soon is titled 'Frigid' and is how Cody James will be returning from his hiatus where he says he experienced technical difficulties and essentially lost everything. The song may hint at a deeper song, but the song is actually about a man in the club and the woman he is infatuated with. The dark place is however where this vibe will be coming from as Cody will attempt to take listeners on a first person view of the social situation the song is based around. As far as the depths which Cody James is rising from, we only know what all of you reading know. What we do know without question is that 'Frigid' will be hitting all streaming platforms some time this upcoming week most likely and a full project is soon to follow. If you have forgot the sounds of Cody James make sure to follow him on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE as well as enjoying some of his content directly below!

We did a leak of the single and lets just say that Cody James is ready to give listeners a true vibe in terms of experience. His pain and tribulations although not always heard in the content can be found in the hard textured voice that made us grow to love him earlier last year. We hope much more is in store in 2020 from this creative!