Chop Em Up w/ Rambo

We recently begin offering our review services and blog placement services through various platforms outside of Twitter where we are well known. Good talent seems to gravitate towards us no matter where we go. This blog post's featured artist is CampbellRambo and his track 'Chop It Up' produced by Chris J.

Listen Below & Then View Our Review

This song is beyond catchy, but let us elaborate. There are so many different vibes throughout this 3 minute and 1o second song. It is amazing how versatile of an artist CampbellRambo is. The beat has your club banger trap vibe with a few edm influences that you would hear in songs of artists like Tinie Tempah. The vocals go from southern, to the classic bronx flow, to almost a reggae tone. The hook is where the reggae tones really stand out and it accents the choruses in a perfect manner. The lyrics are not only above average, but blend real rap with the hard to construct punchline style. CampbellRambo has a very good catalog of music that we went through, but it is clear 'Chop It Up' is a hit!

Overall Song Review: 9/10

The song has excently quality when it comes to mixing and engineering. The flow and delivery are on point through every segment of the track. Only thing we wanted was an evolution on some of the deeper lyrics. However, this song is amazing and is something everybody should be playing if not put on repeat!

Salute to CampbellRambo for this amazing song. We hope to be covering him more in the future and that is a true statement from all of us here at SupportArt.

Below We Have Included Other Streaming Services Where You Can Also Find 'Chop It Up'