Changing The Game, Not Playing It

B-L1FE has proven again and again since he reassertion into hip-hop in April that he is beyond versatile. He does make sure to stick to his style in a sense when it comes to major platforms and full length projects, but we have heard him do the wavy vibe, the trap vibe, and some others. This Friday, we will hear something that hip-hop has not heard before. If they have, it fell on deaf ears or the artist could not properly blend the genres. He will be releasing his debut single off his second mixtape, which is titled 'Stereotypical' and is produced by SupportArt VP Kaster. This will be the first time B-L1FE truly shows his version of trap metal. He blends punchlines, syllable blends, lyricism, and some good ol death metal screams. Yes, we said death metal screams. Most do not know this, but B-L1FE originally entered the music scene at the age of 17 as the lead screamer of a band known as Lambasted. Due to issues with his vocal cords as a result of screaming, he took to what he knew best. Now, considered one of the underground communities top figures, he is set to shake the game up entirely. View the promo teaser below and stay tuned for the release of Friday, which B-L1FE will follow up by announcing his second mixtape's cover and title.