CEO Status

D Cravo is the definition of the grind. Not only is he the definition of that, he also embodies what growth and progress look like and what they need to even happen. With a new year now in full swing, D Cravo continues to be no stranger to our platform, but his new single 'Trophy' isnt all there is to be beyond excited about. Yes of course there is another D Cravo hit out on all platforms produced by none other than Gh0stb4by, but he recently announced some big things via Twitter this week. He is started a record label, and big announcements are coming soon.

We know as much as you do. Simply, that there are moves coming and we look forward to hearing what D Cravo has come up with in terms of running a record label. He has the work ethic and the willingness to invest in himself that are required to simply cover a label's overhead costs. He also has done an excellent job of building creative networks locally not only via social media. We know that him and Gh0stb4by will continue to go hand in hand. He also has close ties with Young Micah, Swubby, and others from the Midwest that could all factor into a powerhouse label roster. However, we will know when D Cravo feels the world should know. However, we will be the ones running to the hilltops to yell it out! Follow D Cravo on Instagram HERE and Twitter HERE and enjoy the official audio for 'Trophy' via YouTube directly below!