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To date our exclusives since SA was founded include:

kevspeakstruth - 'Checkmate' (prod. JUSTWALK)

B-L1FE ft. DreLee863 - 'Mind Over Matter' (prod. Stunnah Beats)

Angry Orphan ft. B-L1FE - 'Bury You' (prod. Beatowski)

FREE ft. kevspeakstruth - 'Westside' (prod. RRAREBEAR)

Lord Xander - 'With Me' (prod. Isaiah)

Dxnny Dolphin - 'Ride' (prod. Shoki)

kevspeakstruth - 'Jericho' (prod. kevspeakstruth)

Angry Orphan - 'Fatalities' (prod. CsR)

B-L1FE - 'Young Legends' (prod. Papos)

Alphabyte - "Trial 111" (prod. kevspeakstruth)

All Exclusives Have Surpassed 1,000 Plays!

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