Catch The Waveon All Over Again

Do you ever hear a song that reminds you of a past hit that you played the fuck out by the same artist? Not the bad kind of reminder, but the kind that almost rejuvenates your interest in that particular artist. That is the kind of reminder we and hopefully everyone else gets from SupportArt Alum Waveon's newest single 'Baby' which is now on all available streaming platforms. It reminds us of his hit with former SA member and talent scout SIROKA which was titled 'Dumb'. If you listen to PlayMade Radio or any of the Friday DJ sets then you definitely know that song, and our guess is that you love it. It is almost timeless. Not once has it been a song we have just pressed skip on. 'Baby' brings back that energy filled Waveon, and for the first time we feel that having no feature was highly beneficial. That is a first in regards to any song we have covered from any artist. Waveon has a very unique sound, and is one if not the best in the underground at matching his instrumentals. He never does too much or not enough. He is that bowl of porridge that Goldie Locks was looking for. He is unfortunately slept on, and after a recent spurt of no content he is hoping 'Baby' wakes people up. It is by far his best song to date so take a listen directly below. Expect to hear it in rotation on PMR and just know that Waveon has plenty coming soon!!!

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