DAI is an Alabama artist that to be brutally honest is beyond slept on even in the underground. He presents some of the most professional work with every drop all the way from artwork to visuals. His sound is refreshing but also geared to be hot RIGHT NOW. Add the fact that he is better than 75% (if not more) of the bigger names in today's industry and sometimes it is shocking that the following of DAI isnt exploding daily. However, he continues to trust the process recently launching his own record label, dropping yet another music video, and to back all that work up he just dropped his first EP as a CEO.

You can hear all the changes and advancements in his personal and business endeavors in his music. The confidence, which has always been a highlight area for DAI, is even more present. He knows he is making moves. He, unlike most, isnt basing his career path or success on the number of retweets he has on Twitter or his follower count on Instagram. We have been covering DAI close to two years now, and even had the joy of having him be an SA artist for a stint of about 5 months, and not once has his effort or drive for this blinked.

With the amount of attention that isnt going to his incredible music and content, DAI remembers that it only takes one set of eyes in a brief moment to change an artist's life. This is a huge driving factor behind his quality from the audio to the aesthetic he brands himself with. Even if all the ears in the world arent on you all the time, it only takes one A&R to hear you and catapult you to the top of the game. Buzz is nice, but there are a lot of subpar artists and simply people we cant even consider to be an artist with buzz. Clout only gets you so far and in most cases it is because clout creates a facade. What you get with DAI is anything but a facade. He is a true artist and his newest EP 'It's Too Late!' is clear proof of that.

The EP features 7 tracks.

1) No More (Intro)

prod. Soulis

2) Come Get That feat. JapBlack

prod. Pino

3) Feel Like the Man feat. OYN King

prod. Pino

4) OKAY! feat. OYN King

5) KITCHEN! Remix feat. Dope Taf


6) BRICKS feat. Chriiscooke

7) Finally Did It! (Outro)

prod. playitagainpaulie

All 7 tracks are excellent, and some may have already been heard as singles. One thing DAI excels at is pushing his singles for longer than just their release day. That makes an EP exciting but familiar and makes people who may have heard 'BRICKS' or 'No More' already want to listen to the rest of the project. It is worth the listen and you can stream it directly below. Our editor pick would have to be 'Come Get That'. The energy that DAI has when he collabs with JapBlack is out of this world. Expect a 2020 full of content of all varieties from this creative that you can follow on Twitter HERE. Enjoy the EP 'It's Too Late!' directly below!