Bri-C Is Ballin With SupportArt

Our latest write-up is for an artist you have surely seen many times on our SA Blasts, Bri-C. He is one of the few rappers around in the underground who seemlessly blends multiple styles while still remaining completely original.

The song we are taking a deeper look at today is his track 'Imma Ball' (Prod. Tkay). Currently, the track already has over 14k plays on SoundCloud so that speaks for itself. The beat is relaxed with hard hitting claps and snares which allows the intense hook that Bri-C dropped perfect. The verses he lets the wave glide out. You can hear a slight background pitch correction which also helps every verse and transition blend beautifully.

Lyricial content is an important factor for us. The lyrics on 'Imma Ball' are what one would call 'real as fuck'. Bri-C explains not only is he going to stunt with the money that is ahead of him in his chase for stardom, but he also expresses that it will not just be him. His entire team will eat if he eats. That is the mindset that built SupportArt.

When it comes to mixing and mastering this is one of the best quality Bri-C songs. The mix and master are perfect unless you feel like nitpicking. Nothing stands out as a no. Your attention is stuck to the great vibes, lyrics, and beat.

This man is ready to ball!

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