Breath Of Fresh Air

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

2020 has been a painful year to say the least and we are only nearing September. Most artists have went from full steam ahead to a standstill. However true that may be, one artist is back on their grind in a new tone-setting way. D Cravo has reemerged with his new song 'Run It Up' alongside Young Micah and White $osa that also features a music video. The quality of which is far above anything we had yet seen from Cravo. The video is YouTube hosted by its editor and director Chris Rippy. Salute to him for the stellar work. From b roll to extras, the artists and team behind them pulled out all the stops and then some. You can view the video for yourself directly below. Find D Cravo on all streaming platforms or simply follow him HERE on Twitter to keep tabs.