Breaking The Wave

The one thing you hear constant opposition towards is the use of pitch correction. Mostly, in reference to autotune, the pitch corrected sound has become the newest wave since last year. Artists are almost making it cool to not be on key with songs like 'Mixed Personalities' by Melly and Kanye West reaching billboard charts. We must be honest, we are fans of that song. Somehow through all of the autotune songs, artists are finding flares and ways to push the sound to make it unique. One instance is the newest song 'My Genes' on all major platforms by YOUNG KI-V.

The autotune is noticable. Sometimes the sound works very well when the pitch correction is subtle. However, the raspy (almost metal sounding) voice of YOUNG KI-V merges with pitch correction in a way we have yet to hear before this track. It gives the vocals a texture and layer that usually is not present or is defeated by the pitch correction itself. This makes his newest single beyond unique and a song we would highly advise the listener to go enjoy. You can play the song on Spotify directly from this blog post.

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