Bravo For The Spin

Are you a fan of things like vaporwave and Mario Kart? Are you a fan of stunning visuals? Are you a fan of good music? Well no matter what way you spin it, Jux Bravo's video for his single 'Troopah' is a solid three for three.

This is some of the best visuals we have ever seen. That goes for any video to date. The blend of real footage and 8 bit animations are so well done that you can feel the seperation and cohesiveness at the same time. Every part of the visuals is stunning. You have Mario walking along the beach with princess peach while lens flares add life to every frame, and then as they cruise in the car, a Koopah shell animation burts at the forefront in a 3D manner. The visuals are so unique and intricate it is honestly hard to find words to describe it. This is a MUST WATCH.

You will probably have to play twice to truly appreciate the song itself, which is amazing. Jux Bravo pulled out every stop with this project. The song portrays the vibes you get from the visuals. Plus the visuals arent filled with Jux himself throwing money and holding a bottle while mouthing the words for three minutes. He is comfortable letting Mario own the shine. The song, produced by YUNGJX$PH, is very mellow track with great glides and catchy delivery. It has a slight amp feeling at certain points, but we would categorize this song as wavy. It is done right though. The vocals compliment the beat instead of overpowering. The Mario influence is not spilling all over the place and ruining the fact that it is music. The hints are subtle and done correctly.

From top to bottom we are beyond impressed with the visual product Jux Bravo presents. We hope to be presenting the next music video from this talented artist here on our website.

View the video for 'Troopah' above and follow Jux Bravo on Twitter HERE