Booming And Blooming

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Just recently, rising underground star singer/rapper Sorry X gave us a very heavy metal infused single with her release of 'Bloom'. Now, as of next Friday at 11AM (MST) she is giving us the visual representation for the song with an official music video. We were lucky enough to see it early and we wanted to provide a brief review without spoiling its release for anybody. Before you read our review enjoy some of the past music videos that Sorry X and her team have put out. None will disappoint!



The b roll and text along with the trash community like edits set the stage for the entire vibe of the song. The scenery and staging that Sorry X is placed in is genius and we wish we could tell you what is happening down to the very finite details. But, we dont have much of a long wait before this masterpiece is revealed. The biggest thing that sets this apart from past music videos of Sorry X's is the energy and confidence she has. It seems she has finally figured out she is a rockstar and her presence in this video definitely show that. The edits on some flower shots are amazing, but again you have to wait to see those with your own eyes tomorrow. The multiple angles of the same scenery adds depth to the video and the backdrops or scenes that she is in while present in the video hit to a tee every single time. Also the footage never feels stagnant with quick flashes from one angle to another scene to b roll. This is essential in a good music video with up tempo or energy filled music. There is amazing breathe of relief visually around the 1:18 mark that made the video perfection for us. It helped keep the artist viewers will see grounded and personable. The energy for a first time viewer could almost scare them away, but clearly Sorry X had this planned and thought about. After that break down you get more of the main elements of the video with some nice adaptations from edits before the 1:18 mark. We cant tell you what happens at 1:18 but if you read this before viewing. Write it down. Then, try to come tell us that part of the video didnt make it so easy to relate to. The end of the video is done professionally as is the rest of the project making this a music video ready for platforms like VEVO. The cohesiveness is outstanding, and we are probably just as excited as Sorry X herself for the world to see this music video. Remember 11AM (MST) NEXT FRIDAY! Follow Sorry X on Twitter HERE because she will surely remind us all when drop time comes!