Blow Down The Holy Way

GSW is a comedy based rap group which is made up by the duo of rappers Futchiman and Nalo. The letters GSW are an acronym that stands for God Smokes Weed. They recently dropped their debut project which also featured appearances in various ways by the following artists: Lil Chia, SIROKA, endio, and Renzo.

Even though they planned on being fully comedic with their project, the duo as well as the features made a nice middle ground. You aren't going to get a full on 'we dont give a shit' vibe like you did with the Lonely Island Boys. You aren't gonna get a stale comedic approach to hip-hop that ends up being corny fast like you did with Flight of the Concords. Instead, you get these odd vibes. Its almost the same way we all used to smoke one to AfroMan. In and of itself, the music is actually very well put together and presented extremely well. We will be doing a track by track review of their first project which is titled 'The Old Testament', but before we get that started, stream the project for yourself or along with the review. The spotify embed player can be found directly below this paragraph!


Track 1 - In the Beginning

To start a project called 'The Old Testament', it only made sense to have the first track be called 'In The Beginning'... either that or Exodus. The beat for the track has a very heavy 90's west coast vibe. Clearly GSW is for the stoners. The flow by the duo that makes up GSW has a dash of some Kottonmouth Kings. Although the music is funny, it is also something that you can ride around and bump. The 90's elements are heavy throughout this old song, and who doesnt love Snoop Dogg style nostalgia?? Exactly! The hook is extremely catchy, and the melody in the chorus drops is also a highlight from the intro. The second verse is extremely fire, with the flow filling the parts of the beat where the bass isnt hitting. That is a vital trick many artists still do not know when it comes to making a so called BOP. Futchiman did his damn thing on this one.

Track 2 - The Exodus feat. Lil Chia

Well 'The Exodus' comes in at track number two, so disregard the comment about the intro song's title. Exodus is extremely lit. A banger and even teeters on the SmokePurpp level of hype. Then enter the 'did you hit a dog' segment, and you finally get some heavy comedic influences. However the hook is hype, and a great vocal point. Yet again, Futchiman glides all over the beat. Through two tracks, it seems Futchiman is bringing the lyrical bars while Nalo is more comedy focused with his content within the songs.

Track 3 - Legalize It feat. Renzo

Love the intro. Love the intro. This is the song on the project for anybody opposed to it because of what GSW stands for. The acoustic song reminds us of SPM. Good vibes all the way from beginning to end. This song deserves people's attention. The hook is a big fact. LEGALIZE! Also, the elements added by the feature Renzo are stellar. Same thing was the case on track two with the feature by Lil Chia.

Track 4 - 99 Cents / Judas Interlude feat. SIROKA

If you do not feel this song to your soul, then you do not smoke enough weed. Who has not lost that one lighter. By that one, we mean the one lighter anybody has in the area, and the rest of the money was spent on the marijuana. All stoners have lifted the couch cushions plenty of times to look for lighter change. SIROKA also was the production on this interlude which does help the project kind of reel itself back in. Also every last word is the biggest of facts. 99 Cents has to be our favorite song. The Nalo Cigarettes segment was also hilarious. The comedy in this project is not forced. Then there is a switch that is a big element of SIROKA productions. The switch takes you into the Judas portion of the interlude. It is one of the funniest things, and at the same time somehow wavy, thing we have potentially ever heard.

Track 5 - Judas

Well, GSW doesnt like Dane Cook. This song, even with its comedic approaches, is hard. You put anything on a fire instrumental, and you get fire. The song is great and contrasts its counterparts extremely well. The comedy element doesnt read as well in this song, and its due to extremely terrific production work. This is not a bad thing to have said about a comedy hip-hop track. We believe it is actually the result artists who dive into this kind of arrangement should aim for.

Track 6 - Pass the Whine feat. SIROKA

The bop of the bops. The song is in your face the entire time, and somehow it makes you want it. Whine is dangerous so if you sleep on it, take a sip and get truly turnt. Nalo to SIROKA to Futchiman somehow keeps the energy throughout. SIROKA actually comes with the most comedy on this song, but his verse also goes in super hard. Punchlines that arent corny are all over this project. This one will end up on repeat for anybody who loves they wine or they thirsty Thursdays. Great work by every person involved on track 6 and the project entirely.

Track 7 - 7th Day feat. Lil Chia & endio

The names of these songs is one of the best things about the project. Not because the music is lacking, but the titles are very humorous and once you read the name you cannot help but think, 'that is the perfect fucking name for the outro track'. This song starts with the hardest beat of the project, a few titty lines, and then bam. Phone call from Crystal. Why wont Crystal leave God alone? Then more titties. Not the small kind of titties. The big big titties... and that is where we leave you because what more needs be said besides big big titties? Nothing is what.

Enjoy this project and expect more from the Lord very soon. He is probably just rolling a few more to have ready, or he is looking for a dollar twenty-nine in the couch at the moment. Either way, everyone be blessed and remember to have fun with your art forms!